For the first time, the real owner of the story is going to be in the comment section. So drop your thoughts.

They were friends for three years. He would talk to her about his relationships not working and she would offer a shoulder. Not knowing that fate had already destined them to fall in love.

They got together the fourth year. Though apart were still the strongest. As the years passed, the bond grew and matured to its fullest. They could interpret their silence, they could tell a drift a text away.

They had normal squabbles but they were each other’s emotional support. They knew everything about each other The love was inseparable. Safe to say, they had crossed all the necessary lines which was their love and trust being over a 100 percent. Best friends, lovers and you’d wonder, what more could these two want out of life.

Aliza felt there was more to relationships than the present. She started thinking about the future and getting in touch with her spiritual side. Aiden just wanted to continue with the flow.

So it was three years of friendship, three years of relationship, two years apart and they talk once in a while. When they do, they see how perfect the lines sync but both can’t seem to reconcile their wants for their love to continue blossom.

Written by Anon

Hi guys, this episode is special because I know the people involved. So now the million dollar questions.

1. Do you think they’ll come back to each other?

2. Do you think if one party finally wants to bend to the others wants it might be too late?


  1. I honestly feel we may not come back together to have a relationship but we would certainly be friends….. the reason is if one party is a step ahead and the other is not in sync and it possibly takes too long before realisation… It would be difficult to start planning with the other that has been ahead for quite some time.. thank you.


    1. You think friendship with someone that loved this much would honestly work out without the both of you coming back to the same relationship cycle?


  2. The thing about graduating from friends to being something more is that, you know each too well and sometimes that creates the obstacles.

    Take for instance you were to meet brother (you know after he slide into your dm or you his, whatever works). Just the mere fact that you don’t fully know how they would react to certain things puts you in that state of always trying (not always, I know).

    But if you were to know their every tics. You decline without even trying, why cos you know them. And let’s face it, people change and sometimes that thing you thought they wouldn’t get pass is the exact thing they would ignore.

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