TGIF!!! Yes, it’s still women’s week but let’s talk about HOPE!

Earlier this week, I went for an outreach and sensitization of some women in Kabusa village, Abuja.

To get details, click the link below👇🏽

Now a couple of my friends were like “amazing job” and some others were of the opinion that the ladies weren’t listening to what were saying and they were just there for the pads and little clothing we had to share. I felt differently though.

Hope! Hope! Hope! That’s what I thought and below is what I had to say.

Hope is interpreted to people differently, speaking in terms of the context of the women we went to sensitize,

To some it’ll be that they can go to school. To some it’s that good people are still out there. To some it’s that they start seeing themselves in us. To some it might be a dream sown to end period poverty and start working towards it. It might not come now, it might come later, it might be a build up

We never can just tell and that’s why we must not stop.

Never get tired of repeating positive words to people. Never get tired of telling yourself positive words. Your/ Their current situation my be contrary to what you’re saying but as I said earlier, one day it will all align but YOU NEVER CAN TELL WHAT DAY. DON’T STOP!


  1. Yes. Certain situations and experiences put you in a place where when others see hollyweird you see Hollywood😊😁.
    P.S it won’t be me if I don’t joke my way out of the feels.
    Good one dear. Thanks for the reminder. WE CAN NEVER STOP.

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