June is here guyssssssssss

June! June! June!

It’s half of the year already!!!!!

Someone tell me, when was January?

When did we do cross over service?

I know, I know, the year is flying.

Well, this is the point were I tell you to dust your books and audit yourself.

Check your prayer requests, plans and goals. Is everything falling according to place?

Have you exceeded it, taken reasonable steps towards it or you’re still way behind as a result of your own doing.

Take into consideration that Summer is about to be littttt. Yes, if you’ve not done your homework, litt summer is not for you please except you just want to be doing cruise and insha allah. All the best then…

Bottom line guys, ensure you’re on track with your plan, dreams, vision and ultimately, walking in your purpose because the year is coming to an end.

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