Happy New Month guys!!!

We’re in the last quarter of the year.

Fast right?

Were did the time fly to?

I’ve not even seen some people this year…

Have I learnt enough…

I need to start auditing my mind, my records, my growth and self development level and just how far 2021 stretched me I guess.

A lot of companies have already done their financials and have opened the books for 2022.

A lot of people have already started drawing up calendars, fixing schedules and timelines for next year and there’s the other divide.

We’re gonna wing it as it comes…

Nigeria is a lot for me…

I no come this world to suffer…

Abeg is it only me…

Breathe abeg, everybody will be fine.

As we step into the new quarter however, Let’s reflect, let’s be intentional, let’s ask the question we try to run away from “what next?”.

Let’s analyze, strategize, research, stay informed and on top of our games.

Let’s start taking bold steps, if things are still cooking, let’s prepare to take action upon their readiness.

It might look like there’s a lot of time,

There’s no rush,

Time and chance happens and all of that…

Well, I always ask myself this;

If I can be a billionaire at 23, why wait till 40?

Happy New Month guys.

It’s never to late to pick up the baton and do the needful!


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