YELLLLO!!!, How’s everyone doing into this week, I’m hoping we’re thriving against all odds. *Clears throat*, So I’ll be sincere guys, a part of me wanted to just brush this off cause I already had plans of putting out a different post. However, appreciation and acknowledgement should be given to whoever deserves it.

The responsibility or role of being a man cannot be over-emphasized. Having said that, Men go through a whole lot starting with PRESSURE. From family, friends and society in it’s generality. If family members are not pressuring them to get married, friends are telling them to “man-up”, sisters are telling them “don’t cry before they’ll see you as a woman” and society is trying to paint to them “a must live financially-buoyant” life before they can be considered as “real men”.

Some men have become insensitive to their fellow mans feelings. Hanging out and having fun together, but deep down evading “seemingly” little problems ranging from depression, to mental health stability, to emotional abuse, to sexual harassment and to saying “NO”

Some men now see their gender as the “saviors of humanity”, the gender that must have it all together and stand the test of time. This false mentality has led to men trying to suppress depression. Unknowingly to them, they start taking it out one way or another on women through domestic violence, sexual assault and a host of unthinking things. Simply because they have been victims of society’s false experimentation of supposedly appropriate standards and values for the qualification of “manhood”.

Guys, the list is long but quick advice. It’s okay to admit that you don’t GOT it all together, it’s okay to take a break from women to avoid the pressure, it’s okay to do what you want with your life, within the range of good “justifiable” sanity. Let your humanity come before your gender. Be the man your future SON will be proud of. Choose to be the different man that’ll shift Away from society’s status quo because in the end, Society is still made of men and women, me and you alike. 

BIRTHDAY SHOUT-OUTHAPPY BIRTHDAY C-FLYAll the way from Rivers State Nigeria, this is one of the most talented, hard-working dancers. Never relenting in his bid to push himself out there. From Competitions like Maltina dance all, to Dance with Peter, to participating in different dance challenges, popular music video appearances and making dance videos. God bless your hustle bruhv. See you at the top.


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