Season 2 Episode 22

One fun fact about some tribes of Lesotho is the use of clan names which points out the ancestral origin of each clan.

The traditional attire of the people of Lesotho cannot be overlooked as it forms a major part of their cultural heritage.

Today, we’d be looking focusing majorly on the traditional clothing of the Basotho or Sotho tribe of Lesotho as they form the majority of Lesotho.


The traditional attire of the Basotho or Sotho people of Lesotho depends on the sex, age and or occasion. One of the clothing materials that is generally worn by both genders is the Seanamarena or Basotho blanket which is a native blanket that is put on to keep warm.

The women of Basotho are known to put on long skirts and dresses with variant colors while a blanket is placed on top to keep warm. The traditional clothing for occasions worn by women is the Seshoeshoe

Woman wearing Seshoeshoe

The men of Basotho wear woolen caps or balaclavas to protect themselves from cold and dust, especially the herders. Young boys wear Tseha which is an undergarment and men put on blankets made from animal skin.

Basotho Herd Boys

Other clothing items being put on include the Basotho hat or Mokorotlo, Sefaha sa letsopa which is a necklace made from clay beads, dress made from clay called Thethana ea banana which is worn by ladies.


The Nguni tribe of Lesotho are known for adopting the western world clothing although some of them still put some locally made clothing items such as the animal skins, clay beads, hats.


The San or Bushmen of Lesotho just like the San people of Namibia wear clothing made from animal skin and hide. 

Written and edited by Ebenezer Oladokun

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