The one I loved that got away.

I’ll try to paint a picture guys.

He was taller than me.

Did he have arbs and parks? well no. His build was just enough.

Broad chest? I’m sorry to disappoint you but they were the perfect pillows however.

I didn’t need much cause I was already aroused.

Bring your mind out from the gutter of sin please.

Intellectually aroused.

His graceful walking step.

How he said “walk with me”

The little things that actually made me see even the tiniest trace of smile on his face.

Oh lest I forget, my mental boxes, did he tick them?

Yes yes, he did.

*loud whispers*

What was that?

I thought I heard something…

*Louder whispers*

Ooh, I hear you.

Why didn’t we work you ask?


Ask him when you see him.

Where can we find him you ask again?

I believe that was the point of telling you to ask him when you see him.

Feel free to share your love get away story in the comment section. Don’t let me do this alone 😂😂. Let’s catch this cruise together.

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