Season 2 Episode 10

Today, we’d be looking at the traditional attire of some Namibian tribes. You can put these styles into use by giving them a try with native material wears.


The traditional attire of Ovambo people is made from a material known as ODELELA. The women of Ovambo wear long dresses, skirts and puffy short sleeves while the men wear shirts made from Odelela.

The women of Ovambo also put on adornments such as waist beads, shells, animal skin and hide and this is based on the age and class of the woman or marital status.


The traditional attire of the Herero tribe of Namibia is called OHOROKOVA which is a traditional dress in the form of Victorian style dress.

The Ohorokova is worn with a hat that mimics the horn of a cow while the dress is a colorful attire creating a wide skirt filled with lots of layers.

The men Ovambo wear western made clothes consisting of shirts and trousers and sometimes with a coat or suit with a hat.


The clothing of the San people is simple. They are mostly hunter-gatherers so their clothing is made of animal skin and hides.

The men wear antelope skirts, leather coat with a shoulder bag which contains everything needed meanwhile the women also wear skirts and pants made from animal skin, leather coats and a double leather apron that covers the front and back with decorations of hair, arms and legs made of rings and necklaces.

Written and edited by Ebenezer Oladokun

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